Q: Who can I contact to submit bugs or ask for help?
A: Send an email to contact@babaroga.com subject [RogueRacing Support].
Q: My game shows a spinning wheel after i updated to v2.2.1 / v2.2.2?
A:Some devices had trouble updating properly. Please use following steps to revive your app:

1. Make sure that v2.2.2 update is on your device by checking the AppStore.

2. Double-press home (square) key.

3. Press and hold 'Rogue Racing' icon until it shakes. Press the 'x' icon to close it.

4. Reboot the device by pressing the power key; or pressing home + power for 15 seconds to hard reboot.
Q: Which platforms are currently supported?
A: We support iOS platforms. Minimum required devices are iTouch 4th Gen, iPad1, iPhone4.

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