Q: I'm having problems with the App crashing on my device. How can I send crash logs to help you fix the problem?
A:To access the crash reports on your device, you'll first have to follow these steps:

1. Connect and sync the device with iTunes on your computer.

a. On a Mac: From the Finder, hold down the option key while opening the Go menu from the menu bar. You should see Library as an item in this menu. Select it to open your Library folder.From the Library folder, go to Logs -> Crash Reporter -> MobileDevice.

b. On a PC (Windows Vista and above): From Explorer go to this directory: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/MobileDevice/.

c. On a PC (Windows XP): From Explorer go to this directory: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/.

2. If an application crashed on your device, you should see a crash report for the application in this folder. You'll see both a .crash and a .plist files. Please send us those files in an email.
Q: Who can I contact to submit bugs or ask for help?
A: Send an email to contact@babaroga.com subject [Jet-Set Support].
Q: Are odds of winning good?
A: Yes, they are much higher than the actual tickets one would buy at the store.
Q: How many kinds of bonus games are there?
A: There are four types of bonus games.
Q: How do I preserve my VIP level?
A: You can preserve them by buying your level in VIP store. You are guaranteed never to go below that VIP level.
Q: What are Lootsie points?
A: Every time you reach an achievment, you are awarded lootsie points that can be reedemed for real world prizes.
Q: How can I redeem Lootsie points?
A: Pressing on Lootsie toaster, or going into 'Settings' would open a menu that shows points you have earnt.
Q: How many ways can I scratch the tickect?
A: Well, scratching the ticket is one, tapping is another way, lastly just pressing 'redeem' will scratch the ticket for you.

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